Serfas Floor Tire Pump TCPG

This bicycle pump can be used to inflate your car tires to ensure you always drive with inflated tires!  The built in tire gauge will ensure you inflate to the correct air pressure.   Check out our link above to see the Mapawatt video of using a bicycle pump to inflate a car's tires.

  • Alloy Barrel with sturdy nylon base and handle
  • Easy to read gauge
  • Inlcudes Ball and Accessory Inflators
  • 160 PSI Capacity

Chevrolet Volt

From the Chevy Volt website:

"With the extended range Volt, you don’t have to choose between electric or gas. You have the option of both. First is the advanced lithium–ion battery that allows you to drive gas-free for an EPA-estimated 38 miles. But Volt doesn’t stop there.


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