Mapawatt 500 posts on Clean Energy

Our first post went up on February 8, 2008.  Our 100th post went up 6 months later on July 6th of 2008.  Today marks our 500th post!  The first 100 are hyper-linked for your convenience. Please read every single one and let us know your favorite :)

  1. Who is Mapawatt for?
  2. Welcome to Mapawatt
  3. Clean Energy: Saving the Mountain Gorilla
  4. Resource Management
  5. Monitoring Intro
  6. Saving Heat from the Dishwasher
  7. Sustainable Inspirational Books
  8. Programmable Thermostat - a.k.a. Use It
  9. Amory Lovins and William McDonough
  10. Amory's House
  11. Grass-Fed Beef
  12. Earth Ships
  13. What's a Watt (part 1) (Note: there was no part 2 :( )
  14. Obama's Environmental Reading (part 1)
  15. Obama's Environmental Reading (part 2)
  16. World at Night
  17. Jackson Hot Springs
  18. Mercury and CFL Recycling
  19. Solar Water Heating for Jacuzzis
  20. Solar Thermal Intro
  21. Solar PV Intro
  22. Wind Intro
  23. SO2 and GW
  24. The Energy Detective
  25. CFL Strategy
  26. Wind Power Analysis
  27. To thermostat or not to thermostat
  28. Lighting Cost Comparison - Incandescent vs. CFL
  29. Rational home conservation decisions
  30. Building Envelope Intro
  31. Kill-A-Watt Meter
  32. Polyface Farms - Sustainable Model
  33. Saving Water Intro
  34. Mother Nature and Father Greed
  35. Welcome in Spring (with open windows)
  36. What is a kiloWatt-hour a.k.a kWh? (part 1)
  37. Carbon Capture and Storage - Solution or Fantasy?
  38. Carbon Capture and Storage - Solution or Fantasy? (part 2)
  39. What is a kWh? (part 2)
  40. The simplest water conservation trick out there
  41. Repower America: is 100% clean electricity within 10 years possible?
  42. Household Energy Use: Where is your money going?
  43. GreenSwitch: Could it drastically reduce your energy bill?
  44. Be a fan of fans
  45. When will America embrace Sustainability?
  46. Control your Lights: Automatic Off
  47. What is this Smart Grid thing?
  48. Turn off your Computer! (but only when not in use)
  49. Obama Energy Forum
  50. The CFL's I Buy
  51. Can improving Power Factor help your Energy Bill?
  52. De-mystifying Tax incentives and Rebates
  53. Celebrating Mapawatt Blog's 50th post!
  54. Replace Coal with Wind says Salazar
  55. Insulation Intro
  56. The Great Minority....Sustainable Leaders
  57. Water Heating: Better Controls Please!
  58. Perfect Flush
  59. Jellyfish Wind Appliance - Wind Power made easy
  60. Put some air in your tires!
  61. Wind Power Feasibility and BMW
  62. Solar PV Diagram
  63. It's not the type of bulb, it's how you use it
  64. Greywater recycling: Why waste H20?
  65. Maiden Voyage of the Plastiki
  66. Clean Energy: Saving our Soldiers
  67. Solar PV monitoring - It's a necessity
  68. Solatube - The zero electricity light
  69. Calculating Your Annual Solar Energy Output
  70. Why buy Green Energy?
  71. Investing in Conservation:  Better than the stock market?
  72. Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Summary
  73. Energy Saving Windows Intro: more than just a piece of glass
  74. mini-post added
  75. Comment on SciAm CCS article
  76. MapAWatt hanging out at Paystolivegreen
  77. Rain Barrel : Start collecting free water
  78. My open letter to Greenpeace Global Warming Campaign Director
  79. Solution to U.S. Industry: Sustainability
  80. Green Jobs: It isn't easy being Green!
  81. Comprehensive Solar Resource
  82. TED 5000:  It's coming in early June!
  83. Tankless Water Heaters: Not sure if I'd Demand them
  84. Cash for Clunkers:  Choose your cars wisely!
  85. The importance of Energy Data and EIA
  86. Measure your progress - Energy Star Yardstick
  87. Attacking Standby (Vampire or Phantom) Loads
  88. Efficiency is the Solution
  89. Residential LED:  Are they here yet?
  90. Sustainable Energy: Without the hot air
  91. Honeywell Wind Turbine by EarthTronics
  92. Know the Number - Deutsche Bank and measurement
  93. Triple Pundit's new blogger
  94. It's Hot and your AC is tired
  95. How much electricity does my AC consume?
  96. Amory Lovins' Energy Saving advice
  97. Programmable Thermostat Energy Savings
  98. Improve Gas Mileage now!
  99. TED 5000 is installed! It's alive! 
  100. Want a wind turbine?  Use an Anemometer first!
101 TV TrickleSaver by TrickleStar: A cost analysis
102 Best summary of small wind turbine selection
103 Best bang for your buck: Energy efficiency vs. stock market
104 Nimby: Chasing a Legacy
105 Bicycle Power - How many Watts can you produce?
106 Magniwork Perpetual Motion Scam!
107 Tweet-a-Watt: nice concept but limited
108 - too good to be true?
109 Sustainable Gorilla
110 Top Ten Sustainable Videos
111 Top Energy Saving Tips
112 Smart Grid and buildings: An office view of the future
113 Why on God's green earth is mountaintop removal allowed?
114 The truth behind 230 MPG - Chevy Volt's marketing scheme
115 TED 5000 iPhone App - Home energy on the go
116 Renewable Energy Scams
117 Visualize Energy - Mind mapping Energy
118 Web-enabled programmable thermostat
119 Optimize solar PV generation
120 Heating with Wood Pellets: Worth the effort?
121 Wireless Electricity
122 eCycling
123 Find your city's temperature history
124 Outside Temperature and Energy Consumption
125 Ecobee internet enabled smart thermostat preview
126 Ecobee Programmable Smart Thermostat: I love adjusting my thermostat over the Internet
127 Las Vegas Consumption Extravagance
128 Residential Geothermal Heat Pump - Where does it work?
129 Thomas Friedman: the voice of (needed) sustainable policy
130 Woody Gasifier: Off-grid with just wood?
131 State Solar Power report card
132 GE Smart Grid Augmented Reality
133 Best lighting cost comparison: Incandescent, CFL, LED
134 Sustainable living in real life - Guy Marsden
135 List of Energy monitoring tools : devices, software and home automation
136 TED 5000 and Google PowerMeter on iGoogle is Live
137 Sustainability update from the West coast
138 Sustainable Issues: Triple Pundit post on Microlending
139 Recovery through Retrofit: The U.S. plan for Home Efficiency
140 Solar power production and payback calculator
141 Power Production Perceptions
142 International Day of Climate Action
143 Ray Anderson - Profits, People, Purpose
144 AlertMe home energy monitoring and Google PowerMeter
145 Black and Decker Power Monitor
146 Vampire Loads: What else do you expect on Halloween?
147 Sunheat Infrared: Does it live up to claims?
148 Toxic Cities - Atlanta Wins! Public Apathetic.
149 Energy saving tips for Beginners
150 Clean Energy Payback
151 TalkingPlug by ZeroFootprint : monitor and control your outlets!
152 Buy these Plug-in cars now (or in 2010)
153 Enviroscape by BreezePlay - Making your home much smarter
154 Human Bicycle Power Generation: Who needs fossil fuel when you have legs
155 Energy Tools for Beginners - Part I - How Much Energy Do I Use?
156 Top Ten Energy Related Posts
157 Ecobee iPhone App is live
158 Green Hawks - Saving America
159 Reduce Greenhouse Gas: How Much CO2 Did you Save this Year?
160 EdenPURE Heaters: Yet another expensive space heater
161 Designing and Installing Grid-Tie Solar PV
162 Thoughts on seeing Al Gore in person
163 Is Cap and Trade B.S.?
164 Energy Tools for Beginners - Part 2 - Realtime Energy Monitors
165 Do a Solar Analysis with your iPhone
166 Control Vampire Loads with automatic timer
167 Monitor and Control each outlet in your house!
168 What you need to know about the Climate Change debate
169 Share your Home Energy tips
170 Plug-in Car: Start waving goodbye to the gas station
171 Web-Connected Electricity Monitoring: Track, Control, Play
172 Fossil Fuel Reduction Strategy
173 I've solved Climate Change!
174 How to Live Off-Grid
175 Happy 2010: Get ready to be amazed by Mapawatt
176 Electric Vehicle Conversion: Is it worth it?
177 Outdoor Wood Furnace: Heating with Biomass
178 Ultimate Green Homes
179 How not to convince people to live sustainably
180 Home Energy Audit - What are you waiting for?
181 How hot is your water?
182 Energy Monitoring and the Big Three: Google, Microsoft, and Apple
183 Bill Gates is copying Mapawatt
184 Family Energy Saving Strategy
185 Solar Powered Differential Temperature Controllers
186 Grassfed Beef: Better for the planet
187 Solar Showers - Residential Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems
188 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living videos
189 Obama, Fossil Fuel interests, and Clean Energy Strategy
190 Nissan Leaf - Coming to a City Near You!
191 Residential Fuel Cells - Natural Gas
192 Smart Grid: Who benefits most - Utilities or Customers?
193 Preparing a Home for the Electric Car
194 Heat Pump : Will an air-source work for you?
195 PACE financing : charge it to your tax bill
196 Climate Change Alarmism - Hurting Clean Energy?
197 Here Wheego! - Electric Cars Coming to Your Neighborhood
198 Oops - Found Another Problem with Solar
199 Energy Star appliance State Rebate: Get your free money!
200 What is a therm?
201 Electric Space Heater: Energy Saver or Glutton?
202 What is the Bloom Box?  Does it work?  Bloom Energy Could Change the World
203 Bloom Box - An unveiling of the Fuel Cell future
204 LEED for Homes
205 The Green Millionaire : Buyer Beware!
206 What is a Bloom Energy Server?  How does it work?
207 China too Green for Hummers
208 Turn off the damn lights!
209 Mapawatt Blog has a New Look!
210 GeoSpring hybrid water heater - Snow Monkeying around
211 Dow Solar Shingle: POWERHOUSE...Get it?
212 HOMESTAR : Incentives for residential energy efficiency
213 Rechargeable Batteries : Use them or you're silly (stupid)
214 Pyramid of Conservation
215 Top Ten Home Conservation tips under $100
216 Turn off your lights with iPhone - Schlage LiNK
217 Share your energy data with Google PowerMeter!
218 Increase Gasoline Tax: Let's quit being cowards
219 Wind Speed data for Residential Wind Turbines
220 Energy Star and its shortfalls
221 Non-Gasoline Lawn Mower: protect your air and ears
222 Easily manage your EV : Ford and Microsoft Hohm
223 Prepaid Electricity - Taking surprise out of energy bills
224 Mapawatt Beta is coming!
225 The negligence of water conservation
226 Efergy E2 Energy Monitor
227 Spring (2010) into Sustainability
228 LED Tubes: Can they compete against Fluorescents?
229 Austin: Best city for clean car future?
230 Forget about Earth Day
231 Building your Green home tips
232 Sustainable Airport Adventures
233 Sunforce Solar Charging Kit
234 Dear U.S. Citizens: If not Energy, then what?
235 Energy and Water Deprivation Experiment
236 Water, Water Everywhere: Enough is Enough part 1
237 Lack of Sustainable thinking = Gulf Coast Oil Spill
238 Chevy Volt Plug-in Hybrid
239 Fix your Air Duct Leak, Pad your Wallet
240 Greensburg, Kansas: Rebuilding Sustainably
241 Payback of Electric Car: What is the value?
242 Electronic timer: Reducing energy bills
243 Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance
244 US Solar hot water heating market
245 Google PowerMeter and Ecobee Thermostat
246 Energy Flows in the U.S.
247 Use Bicycles to Power your Home
248 PACE Financing in the Southeast
249 Use Fans instead of AC to save Money
250 ClimateMaster Geothermal Heat Pump
251 Unsustainable Dunces
252 Biggest Energy Vampire in your Home: Cable Box
253 Phillips Dimmable LED
254 Embrace a Clean Energy Future
255 Home Star a.k.a. Cash for Caulkers
256 Currently Available Electric Cars
257 Solar Financing Options with No Upfront Costs
258 Lighting Upgrade: Incandescent to CFL to LED
259 Dirty Truth about Plug-Ins...Not so fast!
260 The Dirty Truth behind Fossil Fuel Production
261 U.S. university wins European Solar Home contest!
262 Tankless Water heater with solar thermal backup
263 Buying an Energy Efficient Refrigerator
264 Powering a Nation: Enlightening the energy ignorant
265 Home Insulation - Lumpy or Flat Blown Insulation
266 Do It Yourself Home Energy Audit
267 Belkin Conserve introduces Insight Energy Cost Monitor
268 PACE Financing and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
269 Ten Steps to Building a Zero Net Energy Home
270 Mira-Cool and Cool Surge: Too good to be true?
271 Portable Power: Electricity on the go
272 Circuit Detective - Which Breaker Controls that Plug?
273 Plug and Save: Another power factor correction scam?
274 What is the Best CFL?  Buyer Beware!
275 Will you be a Sustainable Hero?
276 Microsoft Hohm and PowerCost Monitor team up!
277 Phone Apps for Energy Conservation
278 Vote for Mapawatt on GE Ecomagination Challenge!
279 Mapawatt Map tool demo
280 FREE Home Energy Saving Guide!
281 Keep out the Heat part 1: Solar Screens
282 Sunfish Solar Panels Revolutionizing Residential Solar
283 Scam or Misleading Energy Saving Products
284 Portable Water Filter: Hydrating off-grid
285 Steorn Orbo Free Energy Delusion
286 Save Energy in Car or Home : Replace Air Filter!
287 What is HERS rating?
288 Sniff out Energy Savings
289 Belkin Conserve Surge Strip: Tackle Vampires Wirelessly
290 How much Energy does AC consume?
291 Current Cost Envi better than TED 5000?
292 What is an Evaporative Cooler (Swamp Cooler)?
293 Renewable Energy Handbook
294 How do I Buy and Install a New EV Charger?
295 Sustainability in Austin
296 Clean Energy Store - Northern Tool & Equipment
297 DIY Home Energy Monitoring System
298 Energy Saving Quiz Time!
299 Efficient Energy: Efergy energy monitor
300 Google PowerMeter Actions
301 Why does programming your thermostat save energy?
302 Electric Car Charging Stations
303 Save on Summer Cooling Costs with Cool-N-Save
304 Solar PV + Shed = Power Shed
305 Three Steps to Weatherstripping Your Home
306 Money Saving Tips for Green Building
307 Nissan LEAF SOLD OUT for 2010
308 Residential Energy Saving Lighting Strategies
309 Conservation Ballot Initiatives
310 Micro Hydro Power
311 How much is Clean Energy worth to you?
312 Sunchips Compostable Bags: Too Noisy for Mother Earth
313 Heating your home and Programmable Thermostat
314 Tesla Model S - Where EV Design Meets Function
315 Glimpses of an EV future
316 Who really cares about Water Conservation?
317 Energy Efficiency: The home as a system
318 Overcome Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety
319 Picking the right Lighting Occupancy Sensor
320 iHeater: Don't believe the claims
321 Is America ready to support Rail?
322 Clean Energy and Conservation Voters Guide
323 Vote Today for Sustainability!
324 Solar Air Conditioning
325 Home Energy and Water Mind Map
326 Improving Hybrid Mileage Guide
327 Shaving Sustainably
328 Home Energy Score
329 Water Saving Updates in your Bath
330 Lighting Retrofits at Work
331 DC Gets First ChargePoint EV Charging Station!
332 Climate Zones and Degree Days
333 HET Toilet Upgrade
334 Solar PV Installation Video
335 EdenPure Heater Exaggerated Claims
336 Where Does U.S. Electricity Come From?
337 Glacier Bay Toilet Not So Great
338 Big Players in Home Energy Monitoring
339 GE and EVs
340 Amish Heater review
341 Lease a Plug-In EV
342 Top Ten Energy Efficient Products?
343 Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat - 3M Radio Thermostat
344 Occupancy Sensor and CFL light bulbs
345 Calling all Conservation and Clean Energy pics!
346 PowerCost Monitor on Google Powermeter!
347 Lessons learned from Building a Green Home
348 Get your own micro-power station!
349 Mapawatt Blog's top posts of 2010
350 What is Greenwashing?
351 Stop Global Warming Madness!!!
352 Insulate your Attic stairs
353 Smart Home Communication Protocols
354 Stopping door drafts in their tracks
355 How un-sustainable policy is made
356 Home Buying or Refinancing? Get an Energy Efficient Mortgage!
357 Basics of Heating your Home
358 Innovative uses for Residential Solar Power
359 Comparing heating fuel costs
360 OMG! Energy Secretary Steven Chu LOVES Mapawatt!
361 California Light Bulb Ban
362 Energy Monitoring CEO Interview - Blue Line Innovations
363 2011 Residential Federal Energy Tax Credit
364 Call your Congress Representative about PACE Financing NOW!
365 Recycle Your Old Toilets!
366 Living with a Smart Meter
367 Plug-In Vehicle and EV Charging Station Trackers
368 False advertising for 40 Watt LEDs?
369 Testing out FIDO Energy Monitor by EcoDog
370 Free Energy Conservation Guide worth $95
371 The TRUE cost of Coal
372 How Energy Efficient is your state?
373 eMonitor energy monitor review
374 Using Biodiesel in Your Vehicle
375 Four Steps to Saving Fuel
376 ex-CIA director loves Energy Efficiency
377 Get your city ready for EV revolution
378 Using Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel - Part 1
379 Will Solar Work Where I live?
380 Using Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel - Part 2
381 Japan's nuclear meltdown
382 Solar powered boombox
383 How to dispute clean energy deniers
384 Installing the PowerCost Monitor WiFi Edition
385 Find EV charging station with PlugShare iPhone app
386 Rent a Nissan LEAF
387 Fighting dirty power production
388 Rent a Chevy Volt
389 Residential Clean Energy: Solar vs. Wind
390 Groupon and One Block Off the Grid Solar deal!
391 Obama and Energy Security - Are We Up to the Challenge?
392 Let's put mercury and CFLs in perspective
393 The Dangers of Drilling for Natural Gas in your backyard
394 Microsoft Hohm's challenge in the home energy market
395 Buyer Beware of PMA wind turbines
396 Number 1 cheap, free, easy energy saving tip
397 How we can pay less for gas
398 Best Residential Wind Power case study in U.S.!
399 Ford Plug-In Electric Cars
400 Costs of Clean Energy vs. Dirty Energy
401 News Flash: Americans Use Less Energy When It Costs More
402 What is a Hyper-Watter?
403 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Electricity Rates
404 Cheap DIY Solar at $0.09 per watt!
405 Innovative Home Energy Efficiency Financing - PowerSaver
406 Gas to Electric Car Conversion
407 Low Rolling Resistance Tire Guide
408 Water Saving Upgrade Results
409 What is the Best CFL?  Followup
410 Thoughts from LightFair 2011 - pt. 1
411 Thoughts from LightFair - pt. 2
412 Why the incandescent deserves its death
413 How to install a Branched-Drain Greywater System
414 Chicken Coop in your backyard
415 In Defense of CFLs!
416 Evaluating options for an efficient clean green car
417 Best summary of energy efficient light bulbs
418 Stop Apartment Energy Hogs!
419 Why we need an individual meter mandate!
420 Residential Solar Financing Options
421 So Long Google PowerMeter
422 Why drag your feet on efficiency investments?
423 So Long Microsoft Hohm
424 An EV Porsche Boxster for Independence Day!
425 Is Enterprise Smart Grid better than the one you know?
426 Beware of Cycling in dirty, polluted air
427 How does an air conditioner work?
428 100 products and technologies for energy conservation
429 What is the Value of Sustainable Living?
430 Newsflash to CNN: your energy poll is a joke!
431 Proof that Power Factor Correction devices save little energy!
432 Advantages of eGauge Energy Monitor
433 Understanding the Scale of Electric Power Generation
434 Costs and Benefits of U.S. support of Corn Ethanol
435 The safest investment in the world
436 Comparing high mileage vehicles: clean diesel, efficient gas and hybrid
437 There is no clean coal
438 Home Efficiency Tips from energyNOW and Alliance to Save Energy!
439 Free Rain Barrel reduces city's water AND energy needs
440 Sustainable Choices at the Store, Home and Road
441 How to cheaply deliver lots of clean water to the poor?
442 The next phase of home energy monitoring
443 Solar Powered Air Conditioning
444 Registering an Electric Vehicle Conversion
445 Sustainable Pyramid
446 Why I chose a high mileage clean diesel
447 Home heating options
448 Helping to visualize energy
449 Herman Cain is bad for clean energy
450 Most sustainable U.S. Community?
451 Future of Energy
452 What Will Steve Jobs' Legacy Be?
453 Nest Thermostat from the iPod creator
454 Cracker Barrel Restaurants and ECOtality Install EV Fast Charger!
455 Hojo Motor is a Scam!
456 Drain your water heater, increase efficiency
457 Insulate your hot water pipes
458 Economic Benefits of Natural Gas fleets
459 Heat your home with cold fusion
460 Why perpetual motion free energy machines don't work
461 Open Source Energy Monitor
462 Electricity from Trees
463 I want to build a green home
464 What will 2012 have in store for energy conservation?
465 What will 2012 have in store for energy products?
466 Electric Vehicles 2012
467 Beware of DyoCore SolAir wind turbine generator
468 Home Energy Monitoring Strategy
469 Power Factor Correction boxes will not lower electric bill
470 Is the Dyson Hot space heater full of hot air?
471 Charge your iPhone with gas?
472 Embrace the EV future
473 Build your own compost pile
474 Pedal to Petal bicycle compost pickup
475 Are smart meters safe?
476 Advantages of a metal roof
477 Energy Efficient Transportation Series: A Diesel Conversion
478 The making of a Geothermal Heat Pump advocate
479 Solar powered RV
480 Ford Focus Electric - Up Close and Personal
481 Why is tracking energy consumption SO HARD!
482 The truth about gasoline prices (and why politicians are liars)
483 Window film best energy efficiency investment?
484 Push your Utility Green Button
485 Multi-Split Heat Pump and Hydronic Heat
486 Philips L Prize LED bulb not worth it
487 Why are states and utilities so bad with residential wind turbines?
488 Convert your bike to an ebike with Copenhagen Wheel
489 Philips Ambient LED bulb review
490 Air conditioner power consumption
491 If I wanted America to fail is a joke
492 Find Energy Incentives
493 Ecobee Smart SI thermostat review
494 Clean Energy documentary Empower Yourself
495 Energy Behavioral Science
496 It's time for a new thermostat
497 Power4Home review
498 Europe sustainable food and farm tour
499 Tesla Model S Review


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Chris May I be the first to congratulate you on your selfless commitment to energy saving and consumer education. I took look at my e-mail archive and saw that it was 7th October 2009 that I sent you that first e-mail asking if we could collaborate. I sincerely hope that your readers will appreciate the many hours you have spent offering this quality free service to all who would want to learn. I look forward to the next 500 articles, and watching you grow!
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Thanks Alex! Hopefully we all grow together.

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