Plug-In Vehicle and EV Charging Station Trackers

Plug-In and Charging Station Tracker

If you're starting to think about getting a plug-in vehicle, there are two main things you should be concerned with:

  1. What cars are currently available and what will be available soon
  2. How are you going to charge your vehicle once you get it

We maintain a list of currently available electric cars, but it only lists cars that you can get now, not ones that are on the horizon. For that, we recommend Plug In America's Vehicle Tracker, an excellent list of all forms of transportation that plug-in to an electrical outlet. Their list allows you to sort vehicles by type, PHEV or EV, make, if it's currently available or when it should be available, and a few other options. It is the best organized and most comprehensive list on the internet.  If you do plan on getting a plug-in, and you want to be really sustainable, you can always donate a car online to get rid of your old one.

Once you get your plug-in vehicle, you will need to install a electric vehicle charging station. Lucky for you, Plug In America maintains a list of residential charging stations. If you would like to get a little more familiar with charging station terminology, check out our electric car charging station post.

Now you know what plug-ins are available or on the horizon and how to charge the plug-in at home, but chances are you will want to drive the thing and you may need to charge up out on the road. In our post on how to overcome electric vehicle range anxiety I mentioned the Department of Energy's Electric Charging station location map. This is the best resource I've found to locate charging stations around your daily commute (or your vacation route...road trip!). While California has over 400 stations installed, there are many states without a single one!!!

So check out Plug In America's Vehicle Tracker and the Department of Energy's Electric Charging station location map , put those electrons to use, and start driving!

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