Recycle Your Old Toilets!

Recycle those old toilets

Old toilets ready for the grinder

After replacing my old toilets that wasted huge amounts of water, I had four porcelain thrones that I didn't want to dump in a landfill.  After a little research, I found a place in Atlanta that recycles old porcelain bathroom fixtures into gravel.

Packer Industries is located in Mableton, GA and offers recycling equipment for contractors but also will recycle everything from building materials to yard waste at their recycling facility.  The only preparation needed was to remove all of the metal hardware from the toilets before dropping them off.  This took about 20 minutes for four toilets.

For a small fee, they took my toilets and ground them up into gravel they use onsite at their recycling facility.  At first I didn't notice this and asked the attendant what they do with the recycled toilets.  His response was, "you're driving on it."  After closer examination, I realized I was driving on a gravel made up of old sinks, toilets and all sorts of other recycled building materials.  Very cool.

Ground up porcelain fixtures and building materials

Gravel made of ground up porcelain fixtures and building materials

Now that the old toilets are out of my home and serving another purpose, I can concentrate on analyzing my water savings with the new high efficiency toilets.  I will post a six month update on their performance to share how well they perform their duties.

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That is very nice!! I'm trying to figure out a place to recycle ours but in Everett WA. I did some research but it wasn't any helpful. Any recommendations?
THANKS so much for this information, I have been calling all over town trying to find a recycling center that will take my old toilet. VERY HELPFUL information, thanks again. Also, you may want to mention that there is a disposal charge of $5 per toilet.

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