Unsustainable Dunces

This post is me venting.  If you're fine and dandy being led around by dunces then please stop reading.

I'm fed up with society being tarnished by those who are only out to make a buck at the expense of their surroundings.

I'm under 30 years old, yet I feel that I am a more responsible citizen of this planet than our corporate and political "leaders".

I want a better society.  They want more power.

I believe in sustainability and the virtues that come with it.  They believe in money and power.

I'm sick of society suffering from the greed of dunces.

Why can't I turn on the TV and see a real leader?  Why isn't society demanding more?  Why do we constantly hear of change, yet we're constantly bombarded by idiocy?

We don't have to sit by and do nothing. We have to demand more.  I'm disgusted by the lack of unsustainability that permeates our daily lives.

Let's start a sustainable revolution...

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I can go on and on about the terrible externalities that the international corporations push upon the people of the world. We've got diseased and overcrowded factory farms withs cesspools of sh*t, we've got mountaintop removal mining, massive corporate subsidies and other forms of corporate welfare, a renewed push for nuclear energy, representatives still pushing for offshore drilling, people who rail against the idea of global warming and many many other "flat Earthers" who's actions do little to help themselves. Sure, it'd be nice to have some worthwhile leaders out there, but I can almost guarantee you that not one of them will come from the dumb box. If we want real leaders we're going to have to step up and be one for ourselves. Why are you even turning on the TV and expecting anything other than the cleptocratic views of the plutocracy? I for one have no TV. I don't watch TV in the standard sense. I have a PC and it I do view media of all sorts -- even video. I do not however, sit in front of a pre-selected show that intends to program me with a biased view designed to reinforce the status quo. You should check out TV Turn-off Week. Get away from the TV for a week or a month (or more) and you'll realize the next time you watch TV just how retarded it can be. It's astounding. I haven't had TV for over a year now, and anytime I find myself in the company of a live TV I cannot help but shout at it for the ignorance it perpetuates. Anyways, I'm rambling. Back to the point of your rant. I too want to see changes in the corporate culture. I too want to see a change in the attitude of everyday people. I want people to start demanding change. I want people to find hope in something. But most importantly I want people to act on what they believe in. We have a nation full of fools who believe that democracy means the free market and that these two ideals go hand-in-hand, but nothing could get much further than the truth. The monied interests and the properties and powers they've accumilated use their powers and wealth to perpetuate their accumilation of wealth and power. They'll use most anything at their disposal -- misinformation, manipulation, lobbyists, threats, terrorism, war, sanctions, loans, media propaganda, and more -- to guard their wealth and to protect their future endeavors to accumilate wealth. They have and will continue to dilute your education. They will continue to shape history and repress knowledge. Anything in the pursuit of money.
"Why can’t I turn on the TV and see a real leader?" I think you are on target, Chris.
While most people would never notice it in their daily lives, if we could just get the building standards portion of the Waxman-Markey Bill (AKA 'The Climate Bill) passed, it would be a huge step forward for the Nation. If you take the time to read the bill, it has an amazing amount of 'no duh' stuff in it. Section 1, Subtitle C is all about electric vehicles, plug in electrification, diesel emissions and NG vehicle emissions. Subtitle E is all about the Smart Grid. I believe the most important and least controversial section is Title II - Energy Efficiency, most particularly Section 201 - building codes & Sec. 202, building retrofit programs. Everyone should take the time to at least look over the table of contents and pick out parts that they fully support, then write (as in actual paper and pen) to your local Senator. Tell them to support this bill or they'll lose your vote in the fall. It wouldn't take very long until each Senator to take a hard, second look at the legislation.
I feel your pain, and I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on improving the system. Do you propose better regulations or regulators? Because regulators are people too, and subject to the same greed and corruption you're venting about. In the end, I believe evolution needs to work in our business system, and government needs to stop playing favorites. In my opinion, BP should compensate every living thing affected by the oil disaster, and would thus be completely bankrupted. Then, when investors and workers think about cutting corners and risky business practices in the future at other companies, they may place more emphasis on making the right choices. As it stands, BP and the other groups you've listed will probably be protected from litigation, capping the amounts at something "reasonable" to whatever lobbyists can wrangle. And around we go.
Daniel, This will sound corny, but I believe we are the solution. More precisely, I believe the internet and the transparency that it brings with it is the solution. Corporations/Politicians are very in tune with public opinion. As sites like Mapawatt and others continue to vent, eventually "leaders" will begin to take notice. You are right in that it will be an evolution (a.k.a. a slow process) but it will happen. I also really like what Greenpeace has done with some of their campaigns directly attacking certain companies which has resulted in positive change at those companies. For instance, in March of 2010 <a href="" rel="nofollow">Greenpeace went after Nestle due to their use of Palm Oil from plantations that destroyed rainforest</a>. This resulted in Nestle taking a closer look into their Palm Oil suppliers. It is this type of Guerrilla marketing campaign that can have a huge impact in our viral world. I highly recommend the Nestle Palm Oil video made by Greenpeace:
When do we reach the tipping point? When will we realize that our leaders are not looking out for our best interest? This is no longer a liberal vs. conservative issue. China is racing toward clean energy as fast as they can. It's time for us to wake up as a nation and take part in the next great revolution. Shine baby shine. Blow baby blow. spark baby spark. Just say no to drill baby drill. Powell

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