Celebrating Mapawatt Blog's 50th post!

50 posts down, 1 million to go!

Thanks for reading Mapawatt Blog.  As you know, we are a relatively young blog but we're working hard to expand our readership and sphere of influence.  We firmly believe that the only way America is going to realize the need for a new Energy infrastructure is through education.  We also believe we are one of the best resources on the web to provide that education.

Our goal is to target the individuals who are not just leaders of their own household, but also leaders in Small Business, Corporate America and Government.  Not only do we provide energy/water saving tips for the home such as energy monitoring with The Energy Detective or providing lighting cost comparisons between CFLs and Incandescents, but we also provide analysis on Sustainable issues related to the Earth and America, and how those issues can help you (the individual) view Sustainability and Energy/Water conservation in a new light.

Our very first blog on the Mountain Gorilla focused how a new way of providing energy for Africans could prevent them from destroying the Gorilla's habitat.  Our analysis on Carbon Capture and Storage (which we hope will be read by voters and Government officials alike) showed that there may be a more useful way of preventing CO2 from entering the atmosphere than just burying it underground.

We're continuing to post new tools and blogs helping to educate members of society on Sustainable issues.  We're working on developing a Facebook Page and you can follow one of our writers on Twitter if you like.  We're also fairly active on the comments pages of other "green" blogs; most notably NY Times, Green Inc.  You can also sign up for our RSS Feed (upper right corner.  The orange icon that says posts) to be notified when new blogs are published (approx. every other day).

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So thanks for reading and please help spread the word!  Your comments and questions about posts and ideas to improve content are greatly appreciated.  So please email us at  See you at 100 posts!

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Congrats on #50. Great site, have recommended it to others. Keep them coming.

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